GraySquare Shares with Andrew Baugher

At a young age, my dad took me to his job to show me what he does on a daily basis to put food on the table. I was in awe of the physical labor he did and he simply told me one line, “I do this so you don’t have to.” It was a tremendous motivator to push me to go to college and excel in my studies. I saw some of the financial struggles my parents went through for me to succeed in life. If there is one thing I was determined to do, it is to create a future for myself to be financially stable at a younger age. I understood to get to that point I would have to endure a work ethic that most people wouldn’t. I worked labor jobs to pay my tuition, joined work studies to increase my opportunity to grow after college, and got involved in organizations that would hone my skills. I set myself up for growth before knowing fully what I wanted to grow in.


I love training and growing others to be at my level of success. I get excited to compete with peers. I enjoy being able to set the pace in my work. I value respect and rewards for hard work. I wanted a job that incorporates these key factors, then have the ability to continuously learn and develop.


I found myself in a job with no recognition for the work I put in, in a job that wouldn’t offer much opportunity at the management level. All while at a pace I was told to be at, with no personal advancement, no real guidance, and no drive for competition. I had a reality check to change before becoming complacent. This led me to GraySquare, a company in a city that I’ve never lived in, thousands of miles away from friends and family. Daunting to most people, I saw the chance to make my dreams a reality. People said it would be high risk for someone who has little money to move, take on this kind of job, with no room to fail. Why take the job? My answer was simple, I’m betting on myself to succeed, and those are good odds to bet on.


The process was laid out in front of me on my second interview. It only made me smile at the chance of knowing whatever I put forth is what outcome I receive. Growth was the product of my training skills. Success in the wake of hard work. Now I’m climbing my way up in the short amount of time, with no limitations to hold me back. GraySquare showed me what my true potential can be.


Now I realize that chasing my dream isn’t impossible. Having the right student mentality, work ethic, and personality can lead to a great many things. I realize to see the outcome, you must be apart of a gritty process.


Greatness shines only in the place where you are least comfortable.