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At GraySquare we specialize in implementing a variety of “go-to market” strategies to get your company’s products maximum exposure with minimal effort on your part. Whether you’re targeting end consumers where they shop or C-level executives, we have and are ready to execute a campaign that generates massive ROI for your business. Put your marketing and sales strategy in our hands.


Our Services

Direct to Consumer Sales

Many brands today need an ambassador to explain the value and difference between their brand and the competitor. Our focus at GraySquare is to represent our clients brands with industry leading consultants that embody their mission statements and grossly outperform the status quo! We have customizable campaigns designed to penetrate the market and create actual sales results….REAL RESULTS. Interacting with consumers face-to-face is a timeless, proven way to not only show value but also create a long lasting personal relationship.

Retail Activation

Engaging customers already in “buying mode” is an ideal scenario for our clients. We have successfully partnered with some of the biggest brands in some of the largest “big box” retail chains in the nation! Let us drive brand recognition for your brand in high traffic shopping arenas to acquire new end customers for your company.

Business to Business

Is your company looking to acquire more business class customers? Need charismatic yet professional brand ambassadors to increase your market share? Our agents have experience handling small – medium, even enterprise size corporations! No job is too large for us.

Event Marketing

Whether you want exposure at a trade show, sporting event, or local community engagement we have the personnel ready. Our representatives will aggressively, yet tactfully engage the public to acquire new end customers on behalf of your brand.


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