Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

If you’re a small business in the direct sales and marketing space looking for products to add to your sales team’s portfolio, we have some of the most competitive contracts in the country. Our team has been forming relationships over the past 10 years with industry leaders with growing markets nationwide. At times, we aren’t able to fulfill the entire scope of their demand. We’re always open to partnering with our peers across the country to help drive revenue for our clients.

We know you have options in this space. Here are some key benefits of partnering with GraySquare:

Business Partnerships

Honest and Fair Dealings At GraySquare, we know working with a broker has its challenges. Many of our competitors really drive the wedge between your business and their client. We’ve found that total transparency and partnership allows us all to get to our goals quicker. When you partner with the GraySquare team, you can count on us to give you all the direction and client access you need to continue growing your business.

Highest Paying Contracts

Many members of our leadership team have decade long relationships with our clients. We are truly in it for the long-haul. Bringing on your business helps us fulfill our clients “big picture” demands across the country. Because of our commitment to maintaining great relationships with our clients, we are willing to pay top dollar to bring on great businesses to help us in this mission. Providing the most lucrative opportunities in the telecommunications and energy industries keeps our partners profitable and growing. We all win together.

12 Year Track Record in Outsourced Sales & Marketing Space

Many of our company’s founding partners have over a decade of experience with clients in the tech, energy and telecommunications industries. This has allowed us to build a reputation of consistent, quality results. Our industry leading clients trust us implicitly. If you’re looking for top tier clients to represent and add to your portfolio, we can provide you the 12 year jump-start most can’t. Save yourself the decade and call GraySquare!

National Scope

The service we provide our clients is simple: long-lasting new customers, additional revenue, and greater brand awareness. If your business has programs that can drive these results, your opportunity is limitless. With our current client roster alone, we have demand to fulfill in most major markets across the country. When you hit a home run on your first project with us, you’ll have all of the access to new markets you need to continue to grow your business


We strive for our business partnerships to go further than the initial contract we provide. Your growing business has needs and we can provide the tools to help fill the gaps. Whether you need administrative assistance, recruiting, sales training, compliance, or financial planning, we can create a partnership that helps you get to your goals.

Access to our Executive Team

When you partner with GraySquare, you immediately gain direct access to some of the most well-known leaders in the industry. We will work closely with you to help your business hit the goals you know you can. GraySquare is home to some of the most well respected and biggest names in sales training, opportunity based business growth, recruiting, advertising, business development, energy retail, and telecommunications customer acquisition. As a GraySquare business partner, you’ll have weekly access to our development calls, quarterly visits from top executives, compliance management, and people with the experience necessary to help drive your bottom line.

Best in Class KPIs

At GraySquare, we’ve made a name for ourselves by providing our clients great focus on the performance metrics that matter to them. This attention to detail and focus on quality not only gives us the best available contracts in the market but helps us maintain great relationships with our clients. We expect our partners to have an equal commitment to driving quality sales.

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