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Timothy Koontz - President

Tim Koontz is the President of GraySquare, Inc. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he started his career in sales and marketing in 2006. In 2008, he started his first company and grew it over a period of 6 years and eventually started GraySquare, Inc. in 2016 as his second entrepreneurial endeavor. His two stated goals are to “Do Something Special” that changes the marketing / sales / advertising industry and his motto is “Leave Your Mark”. Tim is a Nike Collector, Pearl Jam Addict, world traveler, and a family man. He splits his time between the United States and Colombia, South America where his wife, Juliana, and two boys, David and Jacobo, live most of the year.

Landon Atkinson - Vice President

Landon Atkinson is our Vice President here at GraySquare. He comes to us originally from Nashville, TN (or as he refers to it “The Great State of Tennessee). Over his career, he’s spent 8+ years in our industry, worked for some of the largest companies in the country, as well as founded a tech start-up outside of GraySquare that is still in operation today. He brought all of that diverse experience and perspective to become one of the founding members of GraySquare. He currently splits his time between our Boston and Philadelphia offices driving a number of our campaigns, growth, and recruiting initiatives. He has a clear goal and mission to make GraySquare “the fastest growing player in the space” in the coming years. He challenges anyone to out-work him along the way! Outside of work, his two primary passions are family and travel. We never know when or where Landon will pop up! He simply can’t sit still in the same city for more than a couple weeks. He encourages his managers to build great systems around them so they can take advantage of the possibilities of working remote and enjoying life to the fullest!

Jason “Jay” Scott - Business Development

Jason “Jay” Scott is a relationship builder and a sales aficionado bottled up into one person. Which is why his role as Business Development Director at GraySquare is so deserving. Coming from humble beginnings in Ewing, NJ he excelled in sports through his youth which is where he built his fundamental understanding of teamwork. Those skills were further refined during his military career in the United States Air Force. However, all of his business success has been built through nothing but sweat equity and hard work. Known as a bit of a “Renaissance Man” he’s worked on numerous brand ambassador campaigns building teams across multiple industries including tech startups, telecommunications, and energy. Now, Jay’s primary responsibility is seeking out new strategic partnerships all over the country. Whether that be partnering with independent business offices in emerging markets where we don’t have an organic team, or finding new corporate clients. Jay’s job is to make sure there is culture match with GraySquare. Jay attended Drexel University and now resides in Philadelphia, PA. Oh, and he is a DIE HARD Eagles fan..Go Birds!!!!

Catalina Lopez - Executive Assistant & Social Media Manager

Catalina Lopez is the Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager at GraySquare, Inc. Her role in the company is to capture every impacting moment and sharing it to the world. As a first generation child, from Colombian immigrants, she strives for a better future for her family. Originally from Queens, NY, she spent her beginning years at Adelphi University for Psychology. Wanting to work with children with special needs, she gained experience in graphic design by creating content to improve teaching and organization. She became a self-taught graphic designer, content creator, and photographer during the process. This led her to accept her true dream, which was to create content for businesses. Catalina is currently enrolled at Thomas Edison State University for Advertising and Graphic Design, she places her learnings towards the company. She lives in Hamilton, NJ and enjoys her weekends, traveling between PA, NJ, & NY; trying out new restaurants and scenic places for her hobby in photography.

Christopher Johnson - Director of Quality and Training

Christopher Johnson currently serves in a consulting role as the Director of Quality and Training for GraySquare, Inc. Originally from Rochester, NY, he has a B.M. in Education from Nazareth College. Before working in his current profession, he spent 7 years in education, both in the classroom and in administrative roles followed by close to a decade in the entertainment industry as a lead singer and performer in Regional Theatre, TV Soaps, Off- Broadway in NY, and literally around the World as a Headline Entertainer and Cruise Director for several exclusive Cruise Lines including Radisson (now Regents), Oceana, and American. When the financial crisis of 2008-2009 forced a change, Christopher took the advice of Les Brown quite literally “if the only job you can get is that of a janitor, then be the best janitor you can be, and you won’t be a janitor for long”, and started at the bottom in the energy deregulation industry as a commission only D2D sales representative. He quickly moved up the ladder to become an office manager and Director of QC for a large vendor in the NE before eventually moving to the client side of the business as the Director of Customer Service at Major Energy. After leaving the corporate world in 2014, he headed back into the marketing world, and eventually started his own consulting firm Symbiosis Enterprises, Inc in 2017. Symbiosis means “a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups”. Christopher currently lives in the Poconos, PA, and is married to Ada Luz, a proud Colombian. They have a beautiful 11 y/o daughter named Amy. He loves reading challenging literary works, listening to audio books on philosophy and business by such authors as Nassim Taleb, Jonathan Haidt, and Richard Koch, and some of his favorite podcast subscriptions include “Freakonomics Radio”, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Malcolm Gladwell, Tim Farris, and outstanding NPR productions like “How I Built This”, “Planet Money”, and “Ted Radio Hour”. His favorite foods include Lucky’s Last Chance PB & Bacon Burger, Rochester’s famous “Garbage Plate”, and pretty much everything at Cheesecake Factory. How about them Cowboys!

Andrea Carabello - Recruiting Manager

Andrea Carabello is a recruiting expert at GraySquare. She is very skilled in high-volume recruiting, screening candidates and coordinating interviews as well as providing recruiting strategies for the company. She is originally from Reading, PA but fell in love with city of Philadelphia after attending Cabrini College for Elementary and Special Education. She played many sports growing up, but swimming has always been her favorite and continued her career in college. After working as a teacher and director in a daycare for a year Andrea decided to completely switch gears and found herself excelling in sales. That sales role eventually led the pathway to her recruiting career. Andrea loves any and all reality TV. Though she has always been a people person and loves talking to new people everyday her favorite job is and always will be being a mom to her son.



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