GraySquare Shares with Brett Druien

GraySquare Shares with Brett Druien

What do you do here? 

I am a Solar Sales Specialist for Graysquare and I help inform and educate on clean energy through solar energy.   Being associated with such a great team really makes my job easy.   We as a team, see if our customers homes and/or businesses are good candidates for solar energy.  Whether we are able to save them money on their electric charges, if they qualify for federal and state incentives and build a system with the customer and our Engineering team to generate a system that is the most efficient for theirs uses and needs.

What were you doing before joining GraySquare?

 I have been in sales my entire life and and have worked In various industries.  I have always wanted to make money in any way that I was able and have been fortunate to have the opportunities arise through the relationships I have made over the years.   I currently own a medical device company and we specialize in manufacturing spine implants, bone screws and medical instruments.  I started this company about 10 years ago and also own a CBD company to help combat the opioid crisis in our world.  I started the CBD company in 2018 with my father with the goal of supplementing cbd products in place of prescription drugs post spine surgeries etc.


What brought you to GraySquare?

I guess you can say I’m entrepreneur at heart bc I had the opportunity to get into the solar Industry and impact our environment through clean energy.  I have taken certification classes and done alot of reading to learn how the pros and cons of solar impact our world and our future and continue help educate others through our Graysquare team and our proposal presentations.

What do you like about our job?

Having a great team at Graysquare allows us to continue to support and build a cleaner and brighter future for the world and where we live.


Goal(s) for 2022?

My long-term goals for the rest of 2022 and 2023 are to continue to build my businesses and help Graysquare grow as a company.  My personal goals are to get better at follow-ups and creating an urgency with my customers and myself.   I believe what will help me with this is to express my passion and my my beliefs in the products I represent.
I would also like to get more engaged in our call centers and our leadership teams.  This would consist of customer service, accountability, and team mindset.

Fun fact about yourself

A fun fact about myself is I can build and fix anything.  I love to build things and started a general  contracting company this past year because of it.  We specialize in woodwork but have the ability to do anything from home improvements to masonry.



Your favorite quote that inspires you.


My favorite quote is from my grandfather Walter Downs…
“If someone else can do it, so can you.  
Learn from their mistakes and do it better”
“Remember that confidence is not the opposite of humility and humility may be our biggest learning experience”
-Brett Druien-
Three C’s
Confidence, Credibility, Confront the Confrontation