GraySquare Shares with Christine Behrig

GraySquare Shares with Christine Behrig


What do you do here? 

Hey, Im Christine!! and my job title at Graysquare is lead generator/currently training in sales.

What were you doing before joining GraySquare?

Before Graysquare I was mostly “moming”. I have 2 amazing daughters. I also worked part time in the hospitality industry as a server.

What brought you to GraySquare?

Well, Graysquare drew me in because I loved the idea of a smaller company, sales is something new for me and they have been awesome at teaching me and encouraging me through the process.

What do you like about our job?

I love the flexibility of my job. I have the room to grow in whatever direction I choose. Helping people to understand Solar and how it works is so important, it’s rewarding when they see how much they can benefit from it.

Goal(s) for 2022?

My goals for the remainder of 2022 are to grow my own customer base and close my first deal as a sales member.

Fun fact about yourself

A fun fact about me is my parents owned a flower shop while I was growing up. I would help them all the time. I learned about every flower, and I’m pretty decent at making a bouquet. I love to make flower crowns though!

Your favorite quote that inspires you.

My mom always said to me “leave a space better than you found it”. I love this because it can apply to so many different areas of life. Solar is definitely leaving the planet in better condition. She mostly used it when she wanted me to clean my room though.
-Christine Behrig-