GraySquare Shares with Bill Vollrath

My name is Bill Vollrath and I am one of the original partners of GraySquare. I’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur and get away from corporate America because I knew I was always destined for more out of life. I come from an extremely close family so relationships are important to me. When we started the business, I knew I was amongst a talented group of people with a similar passion for success.
My current role in GraySquare is Campaign Manager for the Verizon Retail channel and help in other prominent facets such as recruiting, social media, and business development. I’ve played many sports my whole life and have been a competitor who hates to lose. In 2016, when I lost my brother to cancer, his last words to me was “Never Give Up Bill.” I cherish those words and want to live up to his motto by building a massive organization and helping others along the way. I’m dedicated to my team and want to always be an example of something they can look up to and trust to lead them in the right direction.
Growing up I have always been blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and friends. I believe surrounding yourself with the right people in your life can help you achieve your ultimate goals and get through failure more easily. When I graduated from Penn State University and started my career in the sales and marketing industry, there was a meeting I heard that has always stuck with me throughout my journey.
The meeting was about an old king who was the ruler of an ancient kingdom and as he was growing older, he needed someone of quality to follow in his footsteps and take over as king. Since the king had no sons, he needed to hold a competition to find the best suited for the throne. The townspeople voted for the top 3 men to compete in a challenge that involved giving each competitor 10 seeds to plant and to come back 5 years later with the best results.
Competitor #1- came back to the king with barrels of vegetables filled to the rim.
King tells him “well done!”
Competitor #2 – came to the king and brought truckloads of exotic fresh fruits with vibrant colors and smells.
King tells him “very impressive!”
Competitor #3- came back to the king disappointed and had a complete look of failure. He told the king he planted all 10 seeds, watered and supplied enough sunlight for them and after 5 years NOTHING grew.
King screams out to the crowd “Young man, I want to formally announce you the next king!”
See the moral of this story is that all 10 seeds were bad seeds and the first two men lied about their results. It was only competitor number #3 that was being honest, truthful and was a quality person to handle the throne.
After hearing this story, I have always lived my life around the idea of building a business built around quality. I wanted quality clients, customers, people, and something to be proud of and when I started GraySquare I wanted to embody this idea. I believe in a few things, hard work and striving to be the best person you can be. I am very lucky to be a part of a team of very talented, honest and hardworking partners who help each other become a better person every day. I am pleased with what we have accomplished so far but even more excited for our future and is a major contributor to making this a monster company for years to come.