GraySquare Shares with Alex Henao

GraySquare Shares with Alex Henao

What do you do here?

Hi! My name is Alexander Henao. I am an appointment setter for our solar energy campaign and also a supervisor for our call center located in Cali, Colombia.

 What were you doing before joining GraySquare?

Before working with GraySquare, I used to be a Retention Manager for a Student Loan campaign.

What brought you to GraySquare?

I ended up in GraySquare when a friend of mine told me that they had a job opening with a solar company. My previous company had closed down, so I decided to try a new field of work, and I enjoy it!

What do you like about your job?

What I like the most about my job is that we work for a company that helps the world go green, this saves our planet from fossil fuel digging, which could jeopardize us in the long run.

Goal(s) for 2022.

My goal for this year is to move up in the company and buy a new means of transportation.

Fun fact about yourself

A fun fact about me is that, I am very outgoing and accommodating.

Your favorite quote that inspires you

My favorite quote is :

“Knowing you are becoming someone you can be proud of… There is no greater motivation than that”

Share with us why people should go solar


I fell in love with GraySquare and it’s solar industry, after learning all the details, benefits, and properties of going green. It’s incredible to know how the U.S Government has subsidies available to homeowners making the transition of going green very easy; to me it seems just awesome.
Just simply knowing that I could be on a set rate saving anywhere from, 40 to 60% less then my current bill is a big deal!!
Not to mention the Q-Cell Panels that we use are thinner than any traditional panel, so they look great on the home, giving it a very futuristic modern look. Now here comes the best part, these panels are not like any other panel, having a Polycrystalline film. Our Q-cell panels in fact has a Monocrystalline film, making it possible to obtain a 21% higher converstion then any other panel out, this means we would need less panels to power the homes full consumption. This creates huge savings.

In conclusion, how can anyone not love solar energy.