GraySquare Shares with Alex Ramirez

GraySquare Shares with Alex Ramirez

What do you do here? 

Hey my name is Alexander Ramirez and my position at GraySquare is as an appointment setter for our solar campaign.

What were you doing before joining Gray Square?

Before I started working for GraySquare, I was doing an ISA, CSR for various companies, and learning a little about Business Development. I like to learn everyday about different things and how things work around the world.

What brought you to Gray Square?

I met Tim networking through LinkedIn and one day we met up at an office in Cali, Colombia. He explained to me everything about the solar industry and how the company works and I really love what they are doing for the environment and how it helps the customers to save money.

What do you like about your job? 

I enjoy the flexibility provided. I also get along great with my teammates and staff. Also, I believe solar is a great market, everyday I learn more and get better at what I do, because I like to provide the best service to my customers.

Goal(s) for 2022.

Personally I have a lot of goals set to accomplish but work-wise I am inspired to be one of the top quality agents at GraySquare Solar. I believe throughout this process and hard work, I will provide myself an excellent lifestyle.
Fun fact about yourself 

I like to do a lot of things but what I enjoy the most is music. I’m a writer, composer, and a recording artist. I like to create abstract paintings in my free time and am a workaholic.

Your favorite quote that inspires you.

 If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.