The Power of The Mind & Faith

I believe that in order to do anything to its full potential there needs to be two things: faith and a positive mindset. When we started GraySquare, we installed these ideologies amongst us all, combined with the entrepreneurial bug, that has evolved what we have built today. Throughout my time in the marketing industry I have listened to and ran many meetings and each one has its own impact personally and professionally. There is one that sticks in my mind and has been a foundation to the growth of the company’s mentality.
The meeting is about two old sick men, Charles and George, trapped in a hospital room in two beds with the room being separated by a thick curtain. Charles has the bed with a window and George has nothing but a wall to look at. Each day Charles excitedly tells George about all the wonderful views and things going on outside the window. As seasons come and go and sights of children playing on the playground, festive parades, leaves changing colors and snow beginning to fall gently, the jealousy of Charles has grown over George. The jealousy and anger from George cast a shadow of hatred towards Charles, since all he wanted was to finally get a chance of an amazing view. Well that day finally came when George heard the news that Charles had passed in his sleep. George although extremely upset his friend had died, he was finally excited to get the bed with the window. When the day came, the nurse finally moved him to the other bed, George suddenly realized as he turned the corner of the thick curtain that there was no window at all but rather a brick wall.
You see this story has a powerful meaning about having faith and having a positive mindset. Although there was a brick wall, Charles was able to see through it and imagine positive things to keep himself and George motivated and to keep faithful that everything will be alright. In business you must have faith in yourself and the people around you while keeping a positive outlook even when things get tough. In business and in life I have learned to never give up because when you do all you will see is a brick wall and never experience the beautiful views this world has to offer.
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