Can You Put Solar Panels on a Flat Roof?

Can solar panels be installed on a flat roof?


The solar panels that are used on a flat roof are exactly the same as the ones used on a pitched roof. You can technically lay the panels down on a flat roof – just as you would on a pitched roof .

That’s why you need to install a framing system, to tilt your panels towards the sun. This will help them self-clean in the rain, and avoid damage from pooling water.

Advantages of flat roof solar panels

  • Flat roofs provide easy access for installation and maintenance
  • Panels probably won’t be visible from the street
  • You’ll be able to save money on electricity bills
  • You’ll be able to shrink your carbon footprint
  • They’re low maintenance
  • Labour costs can be more affordable

Is different equipment required to install solar panels on a flat roof?

While you can just lay solar panels down flat against a slanted roof, there is some specialized equipment required to mount solar panels on a flat roof. Angled mounts help with sun exposure and energy output.

When I first started in solar installation ten years ago, I would often lay solar panels flat on flat roofs, something I am reluctant to do now.

There are now a lot of engineered tilt-up racking and mounting systems that can be used to tilt up the panels to an optimal level that cost little more than standard mountings used on a pitched roof.

Is output impacted with a flat roof?

On a typical slanted roof, the angle of the solar panels depends on the angle of the roof and the direction the roof faces.

On a flat roof, you can face your solar panels in any direction and tilt them to any angle you want. This freedom means you can optimize your energy output. By facing your solar panels south and adjusting them to an angle equal to your home’s latitude, you can maximize their sun exposure and produce more energy.

Do flat roofs require specialized installers?

Not every company is equipped to install solar panels on a flat roof.

However, if that style of roof is prevalent in your area, then it’s likely that many of your local solar installation companies will be prepared to accommodate you. And even if it’s not, there are undoubtedly some installers in your area who can help.,it%20comes%20to%20solar%20installation.